Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just what is the CPSIA gonna do?

There are two videos out now. They are quite lengthy, but essentially, manufactures were there to present evidence that would allow their products to be excluded from the CPSIA.

The basics: 
1. We are considered crafters, not manufacturers (Boutique sewers, bow makers, etc.). 
2. JCPenny & TCP both submitted Evidence that fabrics do not contain lead. 
3.Buttons, zippers, snaps, screen prints, grommets, do sometimes contain lead. 2 zippers from the same lot can have different test results.
4. Coats & Clark submitted evidence that even the thread with the most lead in it is insignificant. 
5. National Cotton Council says cotton has 0 lead.
6. TCP showed that elastic has no lead. 
7. Puff paint currently has 600ppm. Manufacturers are trying to lower this amount now. 
8. Supply chain testing was recommended for small manufacturers and crafters. - this means 
components are tested only once and the certificates are passed down. 
9. There may be a stay issued on the feb. 10th deadline.

My Opinion
I think they will end up excluding all fabric, however if the garment or bow has anything hard on it, the whole item will have to be tested (zippers, buttons, barrettes). Hopefully they will implement chain testing. If I understand correctly, this means you can use the component in your final product if you know it was tested further up the chain.

Something to ponder....
Think about a pair of jeans.... Zipper, button, snaps, & rivets! All of those items fail... Soooo, I guess every kid in America is gonna be wearing sweats & elastic waistbands ???

Links to the videos if you have nothing better to do:

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